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fungate_media Shortcode Tutorial

This guide is still under development. Use the Chat Icon at any time to get connected to Live Support.

One of the key aspect of token gating is the ability to protect content from users who are not allowed to access it. By using the [fungate_media] Shortcode, you can stream images, video, and audio files to users who have it unlocked.

Step 1:

Upload your protected media to the looppress media folder in the looppress admin dashboard under the looppress-> looppress media tab.

Copy the url to the file.

Step 2:

Create a new looppress post or navigate to the page where you want your content to be accessed.

Step 3:

Add the [fungate nft="nft id goes here"] Shortcode to start a token gated section.

Add the [fungate_media type="video" src="paste url here"] Shortcode after the opening Shortcode.

  • the ‘type’ attribute defaults to image, but can be video, audio, or image.
  • To display a download button and support other file types, such as .zip, .pdf, .obj, etc, follow the same instructions but use [fungate_media_download] shortcode.

Add the ending [/fungate] Shortcode to end the token gated section.

The code used for the section below

Working Example:

Here is a direct Link to the protected File -> https://www.fungate.io/wp-content/plugins/fungate/protected-folder/intro_final.mp4 (It’s Forbidden)

Thats it! publish the post or page and test out your hard work!