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Web3 Login – Sign In With Ethereum

This guide is still under development. Use the Chat Icon at any time to get connected to Live Support.

Fungate Enables SIWE (Sign In With Ethereum) right off the bat. When a user connects their wallet to your site, they will be prompted to sign a login nonce with their public Ethereum address. Fungate the derives the Ethereum address from the resulting hash proving the user owns the wallet they are connected with.

Fungate User

The “Fungate User” account type is the default role assigned to any user who connects to your site. They are silently registered as a WordPress user, and assigned the Fungate User role with zero permissions by default.

Fungate Users can interact with any user plugin that integrates with the WordPress user system. They can be allowed to leave comments, reviews, etc.

NFTs are Saved to User Metadata.

When a user signs in or performs a critical action, their NFTs are collected and saved to their user metadata.