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Quick-Start Token Gate Tutorial

This guide is still under development. Use the Chat Icon at any time to get connected to Live Support.

The fungate Shortcode is the heart of fungate’s functionality. This post is going to explain how to use it to create a token gated content section, and don’t worry — it’s easier than it sounds.

What is a Shortcode?

Shortcode is a WordPress feature that allows plugins and themes to inject logic into a post or page. They are placed anywhere you can edit content, and are placed within [brackets].

Step 1:

Create a new post or page, or navigate to the page you want to place the gated content.


Create a new Fungate Post.

Step 2:

Add the [fungate] Shortcode to start the token gated content section.

Fungate Token Gate requirements

In order to gate content, you need to provide at least one of the following Shortcode attributes. You can find them from your blockchains block explorer when inspecting the token.

  • nft = "0x000000"
    • This can be listed as nft, nftId, or just id depending on your chain.
  • minter = "0x000000"
  • contract = "0x000000"
    • This can be token contract, token, or contract depending on your chain.

Example Shortcode: [fungate minter = "0x000000"]

Step 3:

Add whatever content, this can be blocks, text, other shortcodes, or whatever you want to the page.

Step 4:

Place the [/fungate] Shortcode at the end of the gated content. This is very important!

That’s it! Publish the page and test out your hard work